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photo of a husband and wife who are going through a divorce, but also own a business together, determining how to split their assets to protect their business during the process

What Happens to My Business in a Divorce?

It's common for the marital property being divided in a divorce to include assets such as stocks, bank accounts, pensions, RRSPs or bonds. However, in some cases, one or both spouses may own a business and that business would also need to be divided.

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photo of a Financial expert examining divorce disclosure financials

The importance of disclosure in a divorce

Financial disclosure is the term that means a party's financial information required to determine their financial situation accurately. This refers both to income and amount of property and debt owned by the party.

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photo of a Senior woman sitting wtih a dog in a park, recently divorced as a senior, often referred to as a grey divorce

Must-Have Information About ‘Grey Divorces’ in Alberta

When you think of older couples and long-term marriages, you probably envision a lifestyle where they take trips together or just settle down and enjoy each other's company. Unfortunately, this picture is changing, and some married couples in Canada who are 55 and older are ending both long-term marriages and second marriages. This new influx of couples parting ways in postretirement years has become known as "grey divorce."

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concept image of house split down the middle, often an asset divided during a divorce or separation between married and unmarried couples

New Property Division Rules for Common-Law Couples in Alberta

Do You Have Questions About the Alberta Family Property Act? The updated Alberta Family Property Act provides a path to a separation that is much more similar to the standard divorce process.

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photo of a house and family vehicle divided - property division is a major issue in most divorces. Contact Capital City Law in Edmonton for more information on how property is split in a divorce or separation

A Look at How Matrimonial Assets Are Divided in a Divorce in Alberta

Marital assets are handled in a very specific way by the courts in Alberta. Take a moment to become familiar with some of the basics of how assets are divided when going through a separation or divorce. Of course, it is so important to seek the help of an Edmonton lawyer specializing in family law.  Know that Capital City Law is here to answer all your questions.

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