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photo of a married couple divided on the couch, working through a contested divorce in Alberta

Can you get divorced if the other party doesn’t want to?

Yes, you can get a divorce if your spouse is contesting, but the process of finalizing the divorce will be more difficult.  Arrangements need to be agreed upon for child custody, access and child support if you have children.   You will be required to apply for a court order that says your divorce can be finalized even if your spouse does not agree.

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photo of a mother and child, where the mother was granted custody of the child in Alberta

Do children have a choice of which parent to live with in Alberta?

Typically, a child won't be involved in making decisions on which parent to live with. A child may have a voice, but the final decision will generally need to be made by adults.   Each situation is unique and involves many factors.

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photo of a father and his children after a divorce, spending time together in the father's home

How To Minimize the Impact of a Divorce On Children

It’s an emotional and stressful time when you are working with a divorce lawyer in a divorce or separation. Here are some tips you can follow to minimize the impact of divorce on your children.

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photo of a young girl eating, food provided by a loving parent who the court has determined would be in the best interests of the child to support and take care of her

What does “in the children’s best interests” mean?

There's no doubt that you've already heard the phrase “in the child's best interests” if you're going through a divorce or separation. What exactly does this term mean?

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